Syscoin Launches Layer 2 Rollup Suite For Web 3 Projects

Syscoin, a decentralized and open-source initiative, has launched its In-house Layer 2 rollup suite, Rollux. When ZK rollups reach maturity, Rollux, a comprehensive Layer 2 solution, will use Optimistic rollups. Syscoin Rollux will provide projects using the Syscoin Platform with the scalability they require to offer Web3 services, whether they do so natively or via a bridge.

What does Rollux bring?

A Layer 2 suite like Rollux is necessary in the blockchain ecosystem for bringing the maturity that comes with widespread usage. The Syscoin Platform will benefit greatly from it. This is because it will allow projects now running on it to scale to unprecedented heights.

Syscoin’s NEVM will be the first to use Proof-of-Data Availability, thanks to Rollux’s contribution (PoDA). NEVM’s compatibility with the Ethereum virtual machine makes it ideal for onboarding Ethereum-based projects. Additionally, it will be the first cryptocurrency after Ethereum to host Optimistic rollups while Ethereum 2.0 switches to a PoS . It is possible to have the best of both Ethereum and Bitcoin, using NEVM blockchain. Rollux has no preference for rollups and will only use ZK rollups when they are ready.

Because Syscoin will not enforce a token model, the Rollux Suite will launch a not-for-profit product of the Foundation. This is the greatest element of the Rollux Suite. User fees will be avoided and the adoption process would be accelerated. For Syscoin, the introduction of Rollux could be a game-changer in enabling projects to scale up to unimaginable heights.

By leveraging DAOSYS and keeping fees low, Syscoin is creating the groundwork to get there. In addition, the Syscoin treasury covers costs and, as a result, offers a smooth integration for scalable, open-source, permissionless, and self-sufficient infrastructure.