Syscoin Hires Polygon’s Charles Hu to Strengthen Expansion Strategy

Syscoin has tapped former head of Polygon China, Charlie Hu, as a Business Advisor. He brings Syscoin his long experience in the blockchain industry and understanding of the Asian market. Additionally, Hu has a deep understanding of blockchain market segments such as Web 3 and Dapps.

Previously, Hu spearheaded Polygon’s growth in Asia and Syscoin will be keen to leverage his Asian network. Particularly, he will help the company navigate unchartered markets as it focuses on its expansion strategy.

Commenting on his decision to join Syscoin, Hu pointed out that its longevity in the market and growth trajectory were of particular interest to him. In addition, he stated that Syscoin’s combination of Bitcoin’s security and Ethereum’s EVM infrastructure gives it a distinct advantage. Furthermore, Hu stated that the company’s modular blockchain design enables it to charge low gas fees, which is an advantage.

Beyond their tech, I have found the Syscoin Community to be one of the most welcoming and well-informed that I have worked with.”

Charlie Hu, Business Advisor, Syscoin

 Apart from Syscoin’s technological capabilities, Hu is also impressed by its user community. “Anyone can go on their Discord, ask a question without worrying about sounding dumb, and there will be a member there who’s more than happy to answer or point them in the right direction”, he stated.

About Syscoin

Syscoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace where users can create stores to sell or resell assets for commission. Essentially, it is a secure platform where users can buy from and sell goods to any place around the world without intermediaries.   

SYS is the platform’s native token, and it facilitates scalability, interoperability, and Bitcoin-compliant core security. The platform provides an infrastructure that facilitates the exchange of goods at near-zero fees. In addition, it processes transactions at fast speeds and issues digital certificates to serve as proof of ownership of assets. 

Latest Syscoin News Today

After spending five days on the upward trajectory, Syscoin has lost some ground today, shedding 8.07% in 24 hours to trade at $0.8048 at 0318 GMT. The latest uptrend was the first time SYS had gone on the rise for four consecutive days.