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Sweat Crypto Price Prediction: How Sweatcoin Continues to Grow

Sweatcoin has continued to be a game-changer in the move-to-earn blockchain niche. Recently, the platform celebrated hitting a milestone of 100 million users. The astronomical growth in the number of users clearly showed how the Sweatcoin platform was changing the lifestyle and health industry. The growth was also a clear signal that Sweatcoin has the potential to become one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization once launched and become tradable in most exchanges. 

Sweatcoin Launch

Reports throughout the year have indicated that Sweatcoin would be launched in July. However, as of the writing of this article, the exact date of the launch has not been communicated. Although we are still in the early days of the month, there is a high likelihood that we will see a postponement of the launch. 

Despite a possible delay in the launch of the project, Sweatcoin has continued to celebrate milestones for the past few days. Late last month, the platform released numbers showing users were being awarded for using the platform. In addition, the platform indicated that users had been able to redeem $15 million worth of goods and services in the Sweatcon marketplace. 

Sweat Crypto Price Prediction

Currently, the project is yet to be launched. Therefore, no trackable market data can give us insight into what a single Sweatcoin is worth today. However, with July being the announced date for the launch of the cryptocurrency, we may be getting the data soon. 

Despite the lack of data, there is a high likelihood that a strong and aggressive bearish trend will follow the launch. With the current cryptocurrency market being in a bear trend, it is highly unlikely that we will see a bullish move for the altcoin. There is also a high likelihood that the crypto will be trading below $1 during launch. This is because of the number of current holders, who are likely to drive its value down.