SpiritPunks launches Vodka-Themed NFTs on NFTY Markets

SpiritPunks, NFTY Markets’ flagship project, has just announced the release of their Doge Vodka Founders’ Release and their SpiritPunks RocketPass NFT. The Doge Vodka Founders’ Release is the first alcoholic beverage to be distributed via blockchain technology. It consists of 2,013 NFTs and real bottles. Those who have recently acquired a SpiritPunks RocketPass can access the release at this time.

How SpiritPunks fits into NFTY’s design

NFTY Markets, is an innovative firm that specializes in high-end products and cutting-edge technologies. It views SpiritPunks as a crucial first step toward integrating NFT’s community-focused benefits into the shopping experience. By connecting physical products with the Web3, NFTY is enabling the creation of new forms of value over the course of product lifetime. Satellite Spirits, a partner and sister company to SpiritPunks, manufactures the actual alcoholic beverages. The company’s top-shelf vodka is a 97-point drink.

SpiritPunks is a premium product development company that draws inspiration and motivation from Web3 communities. It does this by releasing SpiritPunks NFTs to a select group of customers and bringing together those who enjoy alcoholic beverages. In addition to this, it provides community holders with access to a high-end marketplace.

The marketplace that features products of the highest quality, sold for charitable purposes. SpiritPunks is launching a new era of cause-directed consumer items. Part of its efforts are through collaborations with prominent NGOs like ASPCA.

In perpetuity, the vast majority of royalties from secondary art sales on the platform go to a selected charity. This is in addition to a sizeable cut of the proceeds from each initial sale. As an example, SpiritPunks has pledged to donate about $40,000 to the ASPCA through the sale of Doge Vodka from the Founders Release. When you buy a RocketPass NFT or a bottle of Doge Vodka, you’re directly supporting the ASPCA’s efforts to end animal cruelty.