SPACE Metaverse Assembles Artists Led By Kenny Schachter for VR Exhibition

SPACE Metaverse, the social commerce platform built for Web 3, has teamed up with acclaimed artist and curator Kenny Schachter to host an upcoming art exhibition in a virtual gallery. The exhibition, dubbed “Unsafe at Any Speed”, will feature works by renowned artists from across the world. Schachter has established a reputable presence in the art world and was recently a Sotheby’s panelist. The other notable name is Zaha Hadid, whose zero-emission hydrogen car caused a spectacle a while back.

The other reputable artists include Adrian Schachter, Bree Jonson, Ruan Hoffmann, Brittany Tucker, Eva Beresin, Ry David Bradley and Rebecca Ackroyd. The list also includes Hester Finch, Ilona Rich, Jake Chapman, Sage Schachter, Tom Rees,  Szabolcs Bozo, Tamo Jugeli, Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

Notably, Kenny Schachter has already sold his own NFTs, namely a parody collection titled CryptoMutts. Furthermore, he recently teamed up with several artists to drop a collection to OpenSea. Proceeds of the sale will go towards worthy causes in Ukraine.

What does SPACE offer?

SPACE Metaverse has carved out a niche by enabling art galleries to manage better, store and sell their art pieces. All these take place through its SPCE web platform and the operational mechanism follows a social commerce model. Also, the platform supports payments for art pieces using cryptocurrencies and credit cards. SPACE has proven its worth to many talented artists. For instance, ABOSCH is one of the pieces up for sale, and it will be going for 2 ETH. Nicole Eisenman’s “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” will be going for $55,000.

SPACE CEO Batis Samadian said, “We are thrilled to welcome the ‘Unsafe At Any Speed’ exhibition into SPACE. Kenny has curated a spectacular collection of works and artists, and between his stewardship and enthusiasm, we couldn’t have picked a better partner”.

Schachter commented that by partnering with SPACE, more artists would be able to showcase their works to wider audiences. He added that NFTs are here to stay and described it as another step in his artistic journey.


SPACE is a social commerce platform built for the metaverse. It serves as the backbone for art, music, gaming, VR, fashion, and other culture-centric works on the metaverse. It has cross-chain capabilities, enabling it to support numerous works across different blockchains. Therefore, creators can monetize their goods and services in a secure environment and with fast payment options.