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Self-Custody Wallet ZenGo Integrates Polygon

ZenGo, the self-custodial wallet which has no seed phrase vulnerability, has announced the integration of the Polygon network. As a result, it becomes the first wallet of its kind to utilize Polygon. Self-custody of leading crypto assets will now be available to all Polygon users, with built-in security for recovering lost or stolen assets.

What to expect from the Polygon integration

With ZenGo, and Polygon working together,a new generation of Web3 users will be able to reap the benefits of self-custody without the security risks associated with seed phrases. This isn’t a common feature in the crypto wallet industry. Also, the wallet employs ClearSign, its built-in firewall that alerts users to any potentially risky transactions before they sign them and helps them understand the rights they are granting.

ZenGo substitutes two mathematical “shares” for a single private key. The company says that there is no single point of failure and it ensures easy device recovery thanks to the fact that one copy is kept on the user’s mobile device and the other is kept on ZenGo’s server. according to Polygon, this approach to security is in line with its goal of bringing in the next billion people onto Web3 by making the platform user-friendly, secure and welcoming.

The company claims that its wallets have never been compromised and are always retrievable, thanks to three technologies that have set the standard in the crypto space. The features include three-factor authentication recovery model, Web3 firewall and Multi-Party Cryptography (MPC).

With the MPC feature, many parties can evaluate computation without disclosing any of their own private information or secret data. Over 800,000 people use MPC technology to protect their data. ZenGo uses modern biometrics and MPC cryptography to make wallet setup and security simple for users of all skill levels on iOS and Android devices.