Seesaw Protocol Price Prediction: Is SSW Worth Your Investment?

The Seesaw protocol price is up by 4 per cent in today’s trading session. The cryptocurrency has also gained 9 per cent in the last seven days, highlighting the recent aggressive bullish trend following months of bearish movement.

Is Seesaw Worth Your Investment?

Despite showing strong signs that the crypto may be recovering, other data points and fundamental analysis may point to a weak cryptocurrency. For instance, looking at the past 24 hours, Seesaw’s total trading volume was $629. For a crypto that is not able to break past a thousand dollars in 24 hours, it is a clear sign that it is struggling. 

The past 24 hours also offer another data point about Seesaw’s trading volume, where it dropped by 64 per cent. Such a huge swing in the trading volume of the cryptocurrency indicates that your investment can be impacted in cases where prices are pumped, and then a sell-off happens when you bought it at the top.

The Seesaw project is also likely to continue struggling. The project does not seem to have a huge community. There is also not a lot of activity happening with the project. Although this is a problem for almost all cryptocurrencies, the Seesaw project is also not launched on most centralized exchanges. 

Seesaw Protocol Price Prediction

Despite today’s aggressive bullish move, the Seesaw project price prediction is still on the downside. Unfortunately, for a detailed analysis, the charts are unavailable due to the crypto not being listed on most exchanges from which we get the data.

However, what is clear is that today’s bullish trend is likely to end soon. Also, for a crypto project that does not break the $1,000 trading volume in 24 hours, you should expect huge swings depending on who invests in any given trading session. As a crypto trader, you should also be aware that such a small trading volume can result in market manipulation by someone with only a few thousand, hence driving your investments down at will.