Reign of Terror Announces Forthcoming Genesis NFT Drop

P2E cyberpunk metaverse game Reign of Terror (RoT) has announced an upcoming NFT Genesis Drop. The drop will feature 10,000 high-quality 2D generative NFTs with varying rarities. These include Royalty which will constitute only 1% of the collectibles, Royal Court Members (9%), Government Bureaucrats (15%), and Soldiers, which will form the majority at 75%. Furthermore, the Genesis drop will earn NFT holders virtual plots of land in the Reign of Terror universe. However, for one to get the land, they will have to stake their PFP NFT.

Land is among the most important items in the RoT game. It is the source of resources that players must harvest to build strong guilds and alliances. Also, holders have voting rights in the game’s governance. Additionally, RoT has revealed that it could add a rental feature to its lands once the community gives feedback regarding the game’s first installment. That is likely to receive support from users because it will create an additional revenue stream for players.

 The Genesis Drop will give investors the chance to get early access to RoT NFTs. Each NFT from the Genesis series earns holders the right to stake their quests in the RoT Meta Pre-Game. Consequently, the holders can potentially earn special in-game items when it launches in the second quarter of 2022.

Also, each NFT comes with access to free land in each tier. The landowners in Orochi City possess private buildings and can construct additional ones to aid them in winning the game. RoT community members can get their NFTs through the Discord channel. Furthermore, active members stand a chance of winning free NFTs. RoT will provide updates o the drop through its social media platforms.

About Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror is a P2E blockchain game in a cyberpunk metaverse built on Solana. It operates on NFT and DeFi models and exposes players to a dystopian, futuristic world. Some of the NFTs include in-game heroes, lands, blueprints, and equipment. In the game, a player can team up with other players to plunder the wealth of other gangs. You can be the first to upgrade in the game by developing your resource-rich land. Essentially, each mission is a revenue-generating opportunity through DeFi.