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Rarible Integrates Polygon NFTs with Customizable Marketplace

NFT trading platform Rarible has announced the addition of Polygon-based collections to its NFT marketplace builder. This change will increase the general liquidity of the Rarible platform and make it simpler for creators to mint and sell their work there. Creators of NFTs in Polygon will be able to make use of a free tool called “NFT marketplace builder tool” to set up online stores based on their creations’ collections.

Why the marketplace builder on Polygon is an advantage to Rarible users

Creators will have more options for interacting with their audiences thanks to the community marketplace builder on the Polygon network. It grants authors the freedom to promote their individual brand identities, which is impossible in standard NFT markets. Using Rarible’s code-free platform, anyone may create their own branded NFT markets. Furthermore, they can integrate granular control over features like royalties, user experience, and liquidity.

Now, thanks to Rarible’s support, creators who mint NFTs on Polygon may set up a collection-specific storefront without spending a dime of their own money. Some of the largest NFT projects, including OpenSea and Magic Eden, are based in the Polygon ecosystem. Users are enticed by the blockchain’s low costs, lightning-fast transactions, and low energy consumption.

In addition, the new NFT instrument will make it simple for creators to present their individual brand identity on FTchain. In the future, NFT trading will take place on decentralized platforms. It is Rarible’s opinion that community marketplaces are the way of the future for NFT commerce, and that every project needs its own marketplace. This would not be possible without the self-service option.

Using the Polygon network is a good idea because it will boost the market’s scalability and liquidity generally. This is a big deal for Rarible since it means more people will be able to use the platform to sell and buy NFTs, which in turn means more people will be able to afford to buy and own NFTs. Rarible , therefore, has lowered the hurdle to entry for new users by allowing them to access Polygon-based collections.