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Pulsechain Price Prediction: When $1?

Pulsechain (PLS) price has caught everyone’s attention since its launch. The Pulsechain network was launched amid massive hype and a long wait on May 13. The project’s Telegram group hit record numbers right after the launch. In this article, we’ll be discussing the potential for the Pulsechain and the projects being built on it.

PLS is the native asset of the Pulsechain ecosystem, which has a lot of use cases in the whole ecosystem. Currently, the PLS price is trading at $0.00026 on the PulseX decentralized exchange. The launch of the Pulsechain network has been a bone of contention among crypto enthusiasts for the past two years.

Pulsechain Controversy

Due to the way it was launched, many crypto veterans have been skeptical of the Pulsechain since the very beginning. Unlike the launch of most other crypto projects, the users had to sacrifice their funds or donate to charity to become eligible for the PLS tokens. The sacrifice process ran for more than two weeks in 2021, giving everyone an opportunity to join.

Along with the sacrifice, there was also an option to donate funds for medical research. This fund ended up raising $24 million, which was frowned upon by many in the crypto industry.

While Pulsechain price may not be a scam, it still has to pull something extraordinary out of its hat to compete with top smart contracts platforms. According to DeFi Llama, the TVL on Pulsechain has soared to $460 million. There has been a 36.7% increase in the last 24 hrs.

Pulsechain Price Prediction

PLS is the native asset of the Pulsechain network, which has a lot of utility, including paying for gas fees. It can also be used to vote for the validators to earn a portion of the transaction fees. 25% of all the transaction fees paid in PLS is burned to create scarcity of the token. This creates a positive effect on PLS price.

There is very little information available on PLS price as it is not being traded on major centralized exchanges. The chart on PulseX decentralized exchange shows that the wrapped version of PLS (WPLS) currently has a fully diluted market capitalization of $1.36 billion.

The exact price of PLS will be determined only when the ETH bridge is fully functional on its blockchain. Nevertheless, Pulsechain price prediction of $1 appears not to be very logical as the exact circulating supply of the coin is still unknown.

Pulsechain price chart
PLS Price Chart

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