Polygon in Partnership to Release Blockchain-Powered Nothing Phone

Polygon and tech startup Nothing have announced that they will be working together to integrate Polygon’s technology into Nothing’s first smartphone, called the Nothing Phone. Although Polygon won’t be producing its own smartphone, the alliance seeks to make crypto and NFTs more accessible to a wider audience. Also, it aims at giving consumers access to Web3 capabilities. This will allow Polygon to deliver crypto and NFTs to a wider audience. Nothing Phone users will access, via Polygon platform, to the many payment options, dapps and games offered by the network.

People who contribute to the crowdfunding campaign for the phone maker’s launch will be eligible to receive NFTs. Also, pre-ordering the Nothing Phone will grant users access to the Polygon NFTs as well. Furthermore, t hose who hold Nothing’s Black Dot NFTs will get early access to a selection of items and events. However, the market is currently saturated with Android and iOS phones. Therefore, dislodging them could be a huge task for blockchain phones.

Nothing Phone and Polygon’s up against a cold blockchain phone market

The partnership between Polygon and Nothing comes not long after Solana presented its own mobile device to the market. In late June, Solana introduced a new smartphone called the “Solana Saga,” which is Web3-capable. The phone comes with a developer kit already pre-installed. The kit is known as the Solana Mobile Stack, and it gives Android developers access to the tools necessary to construct safe cryptocurrency wallets and Web3 applications.

In contrast to Polygon, though, Solana is developing and producing its own smartphone. In the same way that the Solana Saga is a branded gadget, Nothing’s phone will use Polygon technology, but it won’t be a “Polygon Phone.”

During the past four to five months, Polygon and Nothing have been working together to build the concept. In addition, they have reached a consensus on certain strategies, such as how they want users to be able to access dapps and games on mobile devices and how the project may develop over the course of time. The market has so far been cold to the so-called “blockchain phones”. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how Solana, as well as Polygon’s venture with Nothing will go.