Play-to-Earn: Can Faster Adoption Come through Sporting Games?

Play-to-earn, or P2E as it is frequently referred to, is a way to make money by playing video games. This method of earning money from your gaming time has become very popular due to the ability provided by blockchain technology to develop in-game ecosystems that offer all the benefits that blockchains generally provide.

Irrespective of how successful and widespread P2E is, there is still plenty of potential to experiment with newer technologies to improve and broaden its possibilities. So, let’s look at where P2E is now and how it may be used to generate revenue while playing games in the future.

The current state of P2E?

The potential of blockchain presented a rare chance for game development teams to produce games that let users earn money. Why is that? They created a set of regulations and introduced cryptocurrencies and NFTs to game ecosystems, to put it simply. Players can therefore manufacture new tokens while engaging in games and chores, or they can purchase and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs to earn money.

The most well-known P2E game right now is Axie Infinity. Axies are virtual creatures or monsters that players can acquire and fight against in the game. There are authentic NFTs that players can exchange while playing. Successful Axies will provide players with tokens known as SLPs, which are similar to cryptocurrencies, which means that users can trade them on cryptocurrency exchanges and earn real money.

P2E remains limited to a similar set of games, usually combat games where players must complete side quests and collect numerous items, despite its ground-breaking capabilities. However, what about all the players that choose Cricket 22 and other games?

A significant portion of the gaming market is composed of sports games; sadly, the P2E boom has not yet fully utilized this market. Even so, it’s clear that P2E could profit from games that feature professional sports.

A Prospect for Growth Between P2E & Sporting Games!

Think of a world where gamers and sports fans could demonstrate their skills, gather NFT cards from their favourite athletes, and even profit from their superior performance by earning cryptocurrency. Sports video games are a perfect fit for the P2E model, and several businesses are already looking into the possibilities. is one example of this. This platform intends to create an ecosystem for developing, exchanging, and employing utility-attached gaming NFTs.

It centres around the Meta Cricket League (MCL), a game that gives cricket lovers the chance to play the well-known sport virtually and earn money doing so. In a record-breaking 10-minute period following the sale’s launch, has already sold 55,000 NFTs relating to this game. This simply serves to highlight the broad appeal of this P2E gaming genre.

Meta Cricket League (MCL) is a blockchain-powered cricket NFT game with a Hit-to-Earn model. The MCL Player NFTs and MCL Signed Bat NFTs are at the core of the game’s ecology, allowing users to:

  • Claim ownership of in-game assets
  • Play in Player-versus-Player (PvP) matches and leaderboards
  • Earn JT ( Points 
  • Level up NFTs and upgrade your stats
  • Trade NFTs in the marketplace
  • Become an important factor in the gaming ecosystem

Users can assemble teams of batsmen and bowlers using these NFTs to compete in live PvP matches. To win each match, players must construct a skilful team, time their shots, and score runs. Users will advance on the Leaderboard and receive Kitboxes for winning. Users can level up their NFT stats using the upgrades they acquire through the kitbox.

As a result, there is an improvement in NFT’s performance and rarity in the game.  The Meta Cricket League will evolve into a full-fledged e-sports title that will test user skills through competitive gameplay and even host online events. 

In addition, the game will include Stadium NFTs, a type of metaverse real estate that players may jointly own, utilize to plan their competitions, and profit from by placing advertisements from various international brands. Soon, Android, Web, and iOS platforms will all be home to Meta Cricket League. has developed into a comprehensive P2E platform by ensuring that it has a functional ecosystem and fun gaming that lets users enjoy cricket while earning money. The team also sees brands using the platform in creative ways in partnership with them. ensuring a sizable gaming ecosystem that offers services with a brand’s reputation attached.

We think it’s reasonable to state that is one of the best Metaverse gaming options for actual sports, even though this method is still completely new. It’s a revolutionary new initiative that seeks to investigate the fusion of P2E, gaming, and sports. The platform can, of course, develop further in the future, and other sports could use its concept.


All civilization in the world has always included sports, and it appears that interest in sporting events has never been higher. Many people profit from the trillion-dollar sports industry in addition to athletes. Many sports enthusiasts have discovered ways to profit from their passion, including sports betting, sports cards, merchandise, and more.

Blockchain technology, particularly NFTs, has introduced a new perspective on games and sports. As to be assumed, there was a ton of interest in the concept, and some projects, like, have embraced it, paving the way for fresh methods of earning money while playing video games with a sports theme.