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Pi Coin Price Prediction: Why Pi Continues to Enjoy a Huge User Base

The pi coin still boasts of being one of the largest cryptocurrency projects in the market today. With a user base of over 33 million active users, the project also boasts of having one of the largest mining communities.

Unfortunately, even with the high active number of users, the project is yet to launch in the market. This means that users have no avenue to exchange their mined Pi Coins with other digital assets. Therefore, as of now, the tokens are worthless.

Why does the project continue to grow?

Despite the project’s future being in doubt, Pi Coin’s crypto has continued to grow over the years. With over 33 million active users, the project also has one of the most active communities in the cryptocurrency industry.

Part of the reason for the continued growth of the project has been due to the innovativeness of the project that has allowed users to mine using their mobile phones. Unlike other cryptocurrency projects that require high computer processing power to compute complex mathematical problems.

The project has also grown in popularity because users do not have to invest their own money. They only need their phones to mine the cryptocurrency. This has given a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who would otherwise not have been able to get into the cryptocurrency industry, a chance to delve into it.

However, the main reason why people continue to invest their time in the project is the prospect it possesses for its miners. Once launched, most miners will be able to benefit from the project by trading their mined cryptocurrencies and converting them to fiat currencies. Therefore, many feel that the time invested in mining Pi Coins will be worth it in the long run.

Pi Coin Price Prediction

Unfortunately, the project is yet to launch and be traded on exchanges. Therefore, it is very difficult to do a price analysis. However, I can speculate where I expect the cryptocurrency to trade once launched. It is highly likely that its starting price will be less than $0.01. This is due to the high number of Pi coins already in circulation. Once launched, I expect Pi coin prices to plummet due to the high number of miners looking to cash out on their tokens.