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Pi Coin Price Prediction: What Is The Current Pi Network Value?

Pi coin price is still in a highly speculative bubble as the network is yet to launch for the general public. The current price of the Pi coin is very difficult to determine as the real coins are yet to hit the market. Nevertheless, considering the available information, we can still take a shot at Pi Network value.

The major catalyst in the Pi coin price is social media hype. The project has one of the biggest communities on Twitter, with more than 2.4 million followers. Most of the community members are eagerly waiting for the Pi Network blockchain to launch so that they can use their Pi coins.

Pi Network Derivatives On Exchanges

In the past few years, many crypto exchanges have listed trading pairs of Pi. It is worth mentioning here that none of the available trading pairs on the exchanges have been sanctioned by the official Pi team. This means that the pairs on exchanges are only derivatives and are not backed by real Pi coins.

The real Pi Network tokens will be available for trading only after the launch of its blockchain. According to reports, the Pi blockchain is still in enclosed beta and not available for the general public. Therefore, the current price of Pi coin on exchanges is not real and is mere speculation by the market makers.

Pi Coin Price On Houbi Exchange

Among the currently available Pi trading pairs, one of the most popular pairs is the Pi/USDT pair on the Houbi exchange. Since its launch, this pair has been in a tailspin. The current price of a Pi coin, according to this pair, is $24.34. This price is only the speculative price of the derivatives and not the real Pi Network value.

Any Pi coin price prediction is baseless at this point, as the exact circulating supply of Pi coin is still unknown. The real supply can only be determined once the mainnet launches. Considering the millions of users mining Pi on their cell phones every day, there could be billions of coin in circulation by the time the network goes live.

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Pi coin price chart
Pi Network Price Chart