Pi Coin Price Prediction: Is Pi Still a Good Project?

The Pi coin network is yet to be launched. However, the platform already boasts of having over 29 million active users. It also has one of the most active cryptocurrency communities today. 

Despite the high number of users, the information on when the project will be launched and become tradable in the markets has remained scant. However, for most of its users, the Pi coin represents the future of the cryptocurrency industry. 

For starters, the Pi coin network does not require high processing power for mining. In addition, using a mobile phone allows users to participate in the network’s mining and earn Pi coin tokens. The ability to mine using a phone has seen the project attract many users who would otherwise not have gotten into the cryptocurrency industry.

The platform does not ask for people to invest money. Instead, users are only required to use their mobile phones for mining, where they are rewarded with tokens. These tokens will have value once the platform launches its cryptocurrency in the exchanges. Therefore, most miners have continuously used the project to accumulate tokens with the hope that, once the project launches, the tokens will have real value. 

Pi Coin Price Prediction:

The Pi Coin project launch date is still unknown. Early this year, there were rumours that the year’s second half would launch the project. However, as the year progresses, these rumours have died down.

However, my speculation for the Pi coin expects the project to launch trading below a cent. This is partly due to the number of users currently having the coins. With most coins already in circulation, it will mean that the tokens’ real value will be diluted by its oversupply in the markets. 

The worst-case scenario for the project is that it fails to get launched this year. This will mean wasting resources and time for its millions of users. It will also mean that its users will have to continue mining without knowing how much value they are holding.