Partisia Blockchain Teams Up with SIDIUS HEROES for Product Testing

Play-to-earn game SIDIUS HEROES has partnered with Partisia Blockchain to explore the chain’s capacity to support Web 3 capabilities. With both products in their beta versions, the partnership provides a great opportunity to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. In essence it will help them get the best out of each other. Ultimately, they hope that this will be the beginning of a long-term relationship in their quest to claim their stake in the Web 3 space.

Partisia Blockchain presents SIDIUS HEROES with an excellent opportunity to test its NFT gaming functionalities. Partisia has the capacity to complete transactions in 0.5 seconds, fast enough to take on the more established blockchains. In addition, it has the infrastructure to support the hosting of DeFi and crypto wallets.

Dan KhomenkoCEO of SIDUS HEROES, expressed his delight at working with Partisia Blockchain. He stated that the blockchain’s infrastructure presents great potential, considering its super fast speed and high level of security. 

On his part, Partisia Blockchain Co-founder, Brian Gallagher, emphasized the importance of speed and finality in blockchain games. He added that the failure by the Ethereum mainnet to serve the P2E gaming space presented Partisia with an opportunity to cut its niche. 

Where blockchain games such as SIDUS HEROES are concerned, speed and finality are extremely important since they are engaged in minting hundreds and thousands of in-game NFTs.”

                              Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder, Partisia Blockchain

About Partisia Blockchain

Partisia Blockchain is a Layer 1 blockchain protocol that integrates zero-knowledge computation. In addition, it can provide regulatory compliance support to both large and specialized blockchains. It provides Web 3 functionalities operating on speed, transparency, trust, and privacy. Also, the ecosystem operates on Multi-Party Computation cryptography (MPC). Doing this allows users to enjoy the benefits of decentralization while safeguarding their privacy in collaborative projects.  


SIDIUS HEROES is a blockchain-based P2E game built with NFT functionalities to operate in the metaverse. In addition, it is an MMPORPG and boasts of being an AAA-level game with WebGL capabilities. Furthermore, it combines the best aspects of traditional web 2 and web 3 game. The game operates on multiple scenarios, including battles, settlements and political, interstellar exploration, social and economic development. It has a governance token known as SENATE and the MPC token