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NFT Game, Himo World Announces Open Beta Launch

NFT-based strategy game Himo World has announced the launch of its open beta. In the F2P release, GameFi contains elements that have made it the most inventive gaming sector in the world. Also, players will be able to take part in the game’s most advanced PvP iteration yet. The open beta period will begin in July 2022. Himo World is a cross-platform mobile and web app game.

Measuring up to the Himo World standard

Himo World is a NFT game that combines match-3 gameplay with deck-building and strategic gameplay mechanisms. The ability to fill out unlocked skill spots has also been added, allowing users to activate even more Skills. A broad variety of unique Heroes with infinite skill combinations are available through the use of roster building features. Rogue-like PvE (player versus environment) and many other intriguing game modes will be available in future editions.

The game employs a Create-to-Earn and Compete-to-Earn paradigm to reward participants for their efforts. The Hero Progress System’s roster synergy and rank tier design promotes repetitive play, which encourages competition and long-term viability. Also, Himo world players can look forward to new features including Hero and Skill Fragment drops, Daily Rewards, and more. In addition, each Hero has a unique set of abilities that can affect the outcome of every action.

By leveling up, players can unlock new skills and abilities for their Heroes, which gives them more opportunities to use them. Also, in addition to their high rarity, Genesis Heroes can now learn up to four talents. At certain levels, Himo World players can use Gold to get access to more Heroes’ Skill slots. Furthermore, new in-game utility Gold will play an important role in Himo World’s Create-to-Earn paradigm. The amount of Gold a player receives after a match depends on their rank level in the game.