Neo Global Development Partners With Hacash.Diamonds For PoW NFTs

Neo Global Development (NGD), the community-driven blockchain platform, has partnered with professional NFT collecting and trading services platform, Hacash.Diamonds. To kick off the EcoBoost program in 2022, they’ll develop a new form of NFT as part of their alliance. The EcoBoost initiative has set aside $200 million to establish a strong network of partners that can assist Neo-based projects at every stage of their lifespan. Proof of Work NFTs, such as Hacash.Diamonds, will benefit from a variety of resources, including grants and business incubation possibilities.

The HACD ecosystem and what it offers

For Hacash.Diamonds, it is their objective to spread the art of energy generation and to promote HACD to become an everyday store of value. HACDs, or Hacash Diamonds, are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Hacash network. With Hacash.Diamonds joining Neo EcoBoost, the Neo N3 blockchain will gain a PoW NFT track that will benefit both NEO and HACD holders. The PoW NFT, a recent concept in the blockchain sector, is an NFT that holds value and whose exploration just begun.

The Hacash.Diamonds development team and the HACD community collectors have worked together to build a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) known as the 1H1B DAO. According to the DAO’s declared goal, the HACD floor price is to rise above the price of Bitcoin. Also, the 1H1B DAO plans to reward influencers who promote the 1H1B NFT by offering them incentives. Ultimately, the plan is to get them, their followers, and HACD collectors to donate their HACD NFTs to mint 1H1B NFT, resulting in a value transfer. The DAO’s long-term goal is for the Hacash.Diamonds team to create a 1H1B NFT, which will initially be available on the Neo network.

To date, Hacash.Diamonds has released a number of products and services, including a HACD browser, scarcity tools, DEXs, OTC guarantee services, NFT platform guarantee services, and NFT art exhibition services. On the other hand, Neo allows smart contract asset management for developers, allowing them to digitize and automate the maintenance of digital assets.

John Wang, Director of Ecosystem Growth at NGD said, “We at Neo expect this partnership to provide HACD holders a chance to get acquainted with Neo and our premium Neoverse series NFTs as well.”