Naoris Protocol Taps David Holtzman, Appoints Him Advisor

Naoris Protocol, the Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh, has appointed David H. Holtzman, a writer, technologist, and Internet pioneer, as an advisor. Holtzman will lend commercial, technical, and strategic support to the Protocol. The protocol states that this will greatly help the project in its efforts to use CyberMesh to significantly improve upon previous approaches to cyber security mitigation. Holtzman believes that, rather than relying on government law to guarantee privacy, people should rely on their own personal encryption to do it.

Why Holtzman fits into the Naoris Protocol mission

Naoris Protocol is at an exciting and crucial juncture right now, as it seeks to unite the most forward-thinking minds from Web2 and Web3 in order to scale its Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh. In early days of the Internet, Holtzman helped pave the way for the innovations that ultimately created the modern Internet. After serving as a Russian cryptographer aboard submarines for the US Naval Security Group, Holtzman moved on to the NSA to analyze Soviet spacecraft as a member of the Soviet Cosmonaut team.

During the ’90s, Holtzman led a sizable research team at Booz-Allen & Hamilton and served as IBM’s Chief Scientist. He oversaw the DNS and the ‘Dot’ root server in the late 1990s as Chief Technology Officer at Network Solutions. The total number of active domain names on the internet increased exponentially under his reign, from about 0.5 million to over 20 million. Additionally, Holtzman served as the CTO for Senator Evan Bayh’s presidential campaign and as a senior cybersecurity advisor for General Wesley Clarke’s presidential bid.

The team at Naoris Protocol believes that Holtzman, who is emblematic of an earlier, more radical era of internet culture, is the perfect example to follow when developing the Protocol. The inefficiencies and weaknesses of outdated centralized systems endanger global stability as the world moves to the new Web3 paradigms of DeFi infrastructure and borderless cryptocurrencies. Naoris Protocol, backed by Holtzman, seeks to distribute the cybersecurity practices of current businesses, governments, Web3 projects, and more.