NAGA Adds Native $NGC Token Support Across All Products To Reduce Fees By 50%

Acknowledging its community’s growing demand, the global social investment platform NAGA has integrated its native token, the NAGA Coin ($NGC), across all platforms. With the implementation, NAGA users will enjoy lower copy trading fees alongside several other benefits when using the $NGC token.

Individuals with less experience or time use the NAGA Coin to gain access to social trading services, which allow them to mimic the trading strategies of more experienced users. Accordingly, it will play an important role in lowering crypto’s entry barriers and increasing mainstream adoption of the technology.

Following the integration of the $NGC token, it will serve as the core element of the NAGA ecosystem, covering NAGA DeFi, NAGA Trader, and NAGA Social Betting. The token will also enable users to lower their copy trading fees by up to 50%, create smart contracts for copy trading, and much more.

All $NGC tokens follow the ERC-20 token standard, and the distribution phase has already been completed. Designed to eliminate high gas fees caused by unnecessary intermediary interference, the $NGC token will be the primary driver of NAGA’s sustainable economy experiencing blistering growth.

According to the NAGA team, integrating the $NGC token opens the door to a world of new possibilities. Besides lowering copy trading fees by 50%, the $NGC token also offers its owners access to unique opportunities. These include value-added features like cash back on every trade, double crediting of copy trading bonuses, more affordable trading fees for all assets listed on Switex, free membership on the Switex cashback program, discounts in ad credits, community status, free access to premium content, and more.

The NAGA Coin will also be integrated with the platform’s native NAGA Wallet, allowing users to send and receive cryptocurrencies with their email addresses. Additionally, when users transact in $NGC tokens through the NAGA Wallet, they’re entitled to more benefits like zero-fee internal transactions, real-time price notifications, multi-currency support, instant transactions, and access to a built-in exchange, among others.

Fusing Mass Market Accessibility With Fintech 

Developed in partnership with the German FinTech provider The NAGA Group AG, NAGA is a social investing platform with more than a million global users. Best known for its “auto copy” feature, NAGA allows users to copy trade investors already trading on Uniswap while rewarding both parties, in this case, those users who are copying and those users who are being copied.

Simply put, NAGA operates as a synergistic all-in-one solution that is accessible and inclusive. Apart from offering a better way to invest and earn, it also provides a better way to pay and receive funds in fiat and cryptocurrency alike. Users have embraced this ease-of-use, reflected by the platform’s exceptional growth for the eleventh quarter in a row after revenue rose by 157% in the third quarter of 2021 on a year-over-year basis.

Presently, NAGA offers its users access to more than 1500 tradable assets, zero-per cent commissions on cryptocurrency trading, and real-time stock trading starting from as low as 1€. These products are accompanied by a web-based trading terminal and mobile applications for iOS and Android along with professional account management from dedicated representatives.

Since its inception, the platform has recorded numerous achievements, from being crowned the winner of Finovate 2016 and the Wolves Summit Awards to receiving multiple investments from a consortium of investors and venture capitalists. Furthermore, a public listing on the German Stock Exchange, the fastest IPO ever for a German company, and one of the largest European ICO that helped raise $50 Million from 63,000 contributors underline NAGA’s momentum.

Owing to its end-to-end infrastructure that allows users to access investing, crypto, and payments from a unified dashboard, the number of active users on the platform is quickly snowballing. As such, the integration of the $NGC token will play a critical role in helping the NAGA platform expand into new horizons, cementing itself as one of the largest social investment solutions globally.