MonkeyLeague Partners With BUFF For Web3 Gaming Transition

MonkeyLeague, a leading Web3 Gaming Platform , and BUFF, a Web2-based gaming firm have announced a strategic partnership. The cooperation will see MonkeyLeague help BUFF transition from Web2 into the Web3 era. For example, MonkeyLeague will provide the BUFF community with limited-edition Monkey NFTs, broadening the appeal of NFTs and enhancing their Web3 potential. The Buff Gaming platform provides gamers with various types of loyalty rewards. Real-world and loyalty rewards for gamers based on in-game achievements have contributed to the development of global communities for these games

What MonkeyLeague and BUFF hope to achieve

Because Buff is essentially Web2’s play-to-earn model, the MonkeyLeague team is able to count on it as a top-tier partner. Gamers can use their Buff loyalty points to buy virtual products on the Buff marketplace using Buff points they’ve earned from playing the games and utilizing the platform.

As of this writing, BUFF supports more than 6 million gamers who wish to make money while playing. It’s a win-win situation for all parties as BUFF moves onto Web3. As a result, eSports, AMAs, contests, streaming, and community-building will certainly see a surge in activity. Also, MonkeyLeague recognizes the need of working with other organizations to build the Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Building high-quality games with significant adoption potential, MonkeyLeague wants to bridge the gap between crypto and Web2 technology. Also, play-to-earn mechanics are at the heart of the Web3 paradigm, which MonkeyLeague epitomizes. With BUFF’s help, these Web3 features and mechanisms will be available to a far larger gaming community.

MonkeyLeague Head of Marketing & Partnerships Oren Langberg adds:

 “MonkeyLeague has an unprecedented vision for web3 gaming and nothing will stop us from achieving it. We are constantly seeking to partner with the best that support that vision and BUFF is a strategic long-term partnership that will be the first bridge between web2 and web3.”