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MetaZone Raises $3 Million to Expand the Tokenized App Platform

MetaZone, an open digital economy content distribution platform, has announced the closing of a US$3 million seed investment. Sfermion and CMT Digital, two leaders in the metaverse space, headed the funding round. The company says it will use the funds to develop further its META (Metaverse Enabled Tokenized Application) tokenized app platform. Tess Ventures, IOSG Ventures, IVC (Infinity Ventures Crypto), Polygon Studios, MHC Digital, and LucidBlue Ventures were among the leading web3 funds that contributed to the round.

The inner workings of the MetaZone system

When it comes to distributing 3D digital content and apps in the metaverse, MetaZone is the first and only platform that allows creators and developers to mint NFTs.  In addition, it enables creators to tokenize, buy, and distribute any content uploaded to the platform.

Each creator’s META on the MetaZone platform is associated with a unique NFT that serves as a representation of its value, ownership, and access rights. These NFTs can be used to acquire and set up each app on a piece of digital real estate, making it accessible to the owner and visitors.

There is no longer any need for META owners to cope with large files or steep learning curves associated with content distribution thanks to the platform’s simplification of the content upload process to a few clicks.

When it comes to distributing content across the metaverse, the company is says it is at the vanguard of a revolutionary shift that will open up new revenue sources for developers and creators. The creators on MetaZone have generated $2.5 million so far. Many creators have made thousands of dollars from content sales, and a few of the most successful ones have made six figures.

Decentraland, Spatial, OnCyber, Vault Hill City, and Yuga Lab’s The Otherside are just some of the virtual worlds that will benefit from MetaZone’s efforts to create a standardised set of developer tools that will provide application-grade development frameworks that will allow content creators to produce, distribute, and host virtual content (METAs) across all of these platforms simultaneously.

What makes MetaZone stand out?

The developers behind MetaZone have built METAs for a variety of uses, including video games, vending machines, interactive music players, and even decentralised exchange machines that facilitate the trading of cryptocurrency tokens within the metaverse.

It is also possible for businesses to delegate the management of their brand presence to third-party hosts using METAs. The rapid growth of METAs that generate income is giving rise to a new economic model not dissimilar from traditional franchising. Furthermore, METAs can incorporate multi-party incentive payout structures via smart contracts with flexible payment shares.

Commenting after the latest funding round, Tess Hau of Tess Ventures said:

“We’ve already seen the tremendous value created from web2 metaverses such as Roblox and Minecraft when enabling user-generated content creation. MetaZone is well positioned to bring in and expand on those models, ushering in a new open creator economy with direct applicability to all virtual worlds of the future.”

The potential for the metaverse is enormous, especially if MetaZone continues to grow into several metaverses and recruit more creators. Creators of META content have seen early success, but this new digital economy still has a long way to go.