Metavize Partners With Metabloqs For 3D “Meta-Cities” Development

Metavize, a company that specializes in 3-D spatial development and architectural services for metaverses, has announced a cooperation with Metabloqs, a decentralized metaverse developer. Consequently, Metavize will offer 3D spatial development and architectural services to companies interested in investing in properties and building projects within “meta-cities” in Metabloqs. In addition, Metabloqs will have DIY user-friendly tools for anyone who wants to create their own projects.

In addition, Metavize will be Metabloqs’ official representative in Asia to secure strategic investments in other meta-cities in the region. The first ever meta-city will be Meta-Paris, and will debut in June 2022.

Metaverse built on 3D architecture

For those who want to experience the actual world, Metabloqs’ decentralized metaverse features meta-cities is modelled after “genuine” cities. Its goal is to build an ecosystem where users may create, control, and monetize their own experiences. In doing all these, they will be using a token called “BLOQS,” which is the platform’s native utility token. Metabloqs residents can buy land and uncommon items like NFTs, and start their own enterprises.

Metabloqs runs on XinFin’s blockchain and allows users to network, study and play. There’s much room for growth for Metabloqs, according to Samson Lee, Metabloqs advisor and CEO of Coinstreet Meta Solutions. As a result, BLOQ token holders may look forward to new and interesting opportunities. Also, this indicates that there’s a high potential for profits for BLOQ holders in the future.

On the other hand, Metavize is a one-stop shop that offers services like animation, design, and construction of virtual worlds. It is able to accelerate the process of property development, hence increasing the return on investment.

 “We are very excited about our partnership with Metabloqs, who by far offer the best immersive experience among other metaverses that we have seen on the market, ” commented Michael Leung, CEO of Metavize.