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MetaMetaverse, Joel Dietz to Hold World’s First Metaseminar

The creators of MetaMetaverse, an open metaverse project that aims to increase participation from individuals, companies, organizations, and DAOs, have announced the first-ever Metaseminar. Joel Dietz, the project’s CEO and founder, will be leading the session. The Metaseminar is scheduled on the evening of November 20, 2022, at 20:00 (CET) online. This metaseminar aims to introduce a fresh scientific, telepathic, AI, and mathematical viewpoint into the process of creating metaverses.

The MetaMetaverse aims to provide tools for users to create their own metaverse and independent governing society.  Joel Dietz, a seasoned entrepreneur who has been instrumental in the launch of several noteworthy projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, is the brains behind the Metaseminar. The MetaMetaverse is a new platform that combines blockchain-based gaming with world-building.

Dietz’s interest is in studying how to leverage the ideas underlying decentralized organizations to power global innovation, specifically at the intersection of blockchain network topologies and swarm intelligence. Some of the most important projects he has contributed to include Ethereum, MetaMask, the first educational channel dedicated to smart contracts, and the first academic paper on crypto-economics.

What to expect from MetaMetaverse’s metaseminar

Although the original intention of the Metaseminar was to keep close friends and associates of MetaMetaverse and Dietz abreast of developments in metaverse construction, the team ultimately decided to make this knowledge available to a wider audience. Dietz’s expertise in sectors like AI, mathematics, science and crypto-economics will inform the presentations and conversations at the event, creating a safe space for artists to deliberate before diving headfirst into the emerging digital market.

In this Metaseminar, Joel Dietz will share his cross-disciplinary insights about how the future generation of AI will conform to Metaverse norms and include elements of telepathy, anthropology, and science. This talk targets developers and creators who can contribute to the development of the next generation of metaverse interaction. Ultimately, the seminar aims to spark debate and discussion, resulting in novel insights and new professional relationships in this specialized field.