Manchester United Launches Club NFTs Powered by Tezos

Twenty-time English Premier League champions Manchester United have unveiled the first-ever official digital collectable venture with Tezos, the club’s official blockchain partner. Launching a new Web3 community, the Club plans to give out digital items to its supporters via a Tezos-based platform. The collectables are in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which refer to a unique collection of digital assets.

What Manchester United intends to achieve in Web3

The Club envisions using the program to provide its global fan base with information, rewards, and opportunities to interact through both online and offline activities. The Club’s Men’s and Women’s teams will star in simple how-to videos. This is part of a comprehensive suite of educational materials that will help fans understand how Web3 works.

Mason Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer, Tezos Foundation, stated:

“It is an honour to be part of the Club’s first step into Web3 through the creation of digital collectables which the club and its followers will cherish for years to come. It takes an appreciation of football and the club’s history, but also a blockchain that’s powerful, decentralised, resilient and scalable to do it. “That’s Tezos,”

United supporters who claim the free digital collectible on the Tezos platform will be among the first to take part in the Club’s expansion into Web3. In addition, there will be airdrops and for-sale NFTs scheduled for release throughout the season.

Users of the Tezos platform who have claimed a digital collectable will have their Discord server privileges upgraded. In addition, Manchester United fans may connect with the Club’s new online hub using the organization’s official Discord server. Users in this unique, fan-driven online forum may discuss matchdays and offer original ideas for digital collectables.

The Tezos blockchain-based digital platform will host a number of additional collectable drops later in the season. Each new collection will include a unique design that draws on the Club’s rich heritage. Purchasing certain items from these collections will grant access to exclusive content for die-hard supporters.