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Making the Best Use of Uplift’s Partnership with Blockpass

Fulfillment of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) protocols is integral to participation in the global financial system, be it on the fiat side of the ecosystem or the blockchain. KYC protects users and providers, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access financial applications. New regulatory protocols and the push to further secure crypto assets require a digital identity management process that is robust yet easy to deploy.

Uplift, a permissionless and fully decentralized launchpad on which various DeFi projects can be built, incubated and launched, aims to provide a one-stop KYC solution for users interested in participating in its listed projects. To this end, Uplift has partnered with Blockpass to bring enhanced digital identity management and KYC verification to its platform. 

Blockpass is a leader in compliance provision and KYC/digital identity management services. Blockpass is a one-stop solution for all things KYC within the blockchain, providing AML and KYC screening for DeFi projects, exchanges and regulated industries. The project also provides national ID verification and has developed a system to verify NFT prize winners via its collaboration with Animoca. At a fee of $1 per individual screened, Blockpass offers one of the most competitive pricing models for KYC/AML verification. 

Blockpass operates a single-click compliance gateway that allows users to create an on-chain KYC profile. Once created, this profile forms the basis for the end-to-end management of the user’s digital identity. This allows the user to use the profile created for a host of blockchain-based services without the need to conduct multiple verifications and potentially expose identification documents to multiple and sometimes unvetted entities. Blockpass integrates with several virtual banking platforms, crypto exchanges, ICO/STO platforms and digital wallets, ensuring users can access these services using the digitally verified KYC profile. DeFi businesses can also promote their products and services to crypto enthusiasts and collect KYC information via the Blockpass Marketplace.

Why Uplift?

Uplift is a provider of a launchpad that allows investors, product owners and developers to come together to build, incubate and launch DeFi projects. These projects must ensure that only customers with verified KYC profiles are granted access to these projects either as early-stage investors or secondary market participants. What better way to do this than to partner with a project that delivers seamless, single-click KYC verification that can be done once and used several times on different projects?

Uplift provides a platform for investing in various DeFi projects. As an intending participant in an IDO or an early-stage blockchain investment, you must build a verified KYC profile. Through Uplift’s partnership with Blockpass, you can get your KYC done and use the profile to invest across several DeFi projects in one platform provided by Uplift.

If you are part of a team developing a DeFi project, launching on Uplift will give you automatic access to a KYC-verified pool of potential investors. So this is a win-win for everyone within the ecosystem.