Ledger Teams With ZenLedger For Integrated Crypto Safety and Tax Handling

Cryptocurrency tax software and blockchain analytics firm, ZenLedger, partnered with Ledger, the leading global storage platform for crypto assets. The partnership will leverage the cutting-edge infrastructure and technologies on both platforms. Specifically, it will help investors securely buy, sell, and store their crypto and other investments while seamlessly keeping track of their taxes. The move is a timely act, as it comes as the 2021 tax filing season approaches. Furthermore, it seeks to address a pressing issue regarding the secure handling of digital assets across multiple platforms.

Ledger uses a unique hardware wallet to keep investors’ private keys safe. Even as concerns continue to rise over crypto theft, investors may rest easy knowing that their funds and transactions are secure with Ledger, thanks to its cutting-edge security technology.

Notably, the partnership announcement comes on the heels of ZenLedger’s contract renewal with the IRS. Consequently, investors may rest easy knowing that their assets are safe, tax compliant and secure thanks to the ZenLedger-Ledger cooperation. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive crypto tax platform on the market today, ZenLedger is a reliable and worthy bet. In addition, the company’s customer service is top-notch, friendly, and responsive.

“The ZenLedger-Ledger partnership will allow crypto investors to keep track of their transactions securely while ensuring individuals are ready for tax season,” said Pat Larsen, chief executive officer at ZenLedger. Jean-François Rochet, vice president of international development at Ledger, added, “With ZenLedger made available, Ledger Live now is a gateway to simplify crypto tax reports.”

About ZenLedger

Founded in 2017, ZenLedger is a crypto analytics platform and tax software provider. It provides compatibility for over 500+ exchanges, 50+ blockchains, and 40+ DeFi protocols, including NFTs, to keep cryptocurrency investors compliant. Also, the fact that it is built by seasoned professionals in technology, finance, and accounting makes it reliable and reputable. It provides tax compliance support across multiple jurisdictions, including the US, where it facilitates IRS-compliant crypto tax filing.

About Ledger

Recognized as one of the world’s leading digital asset platforms, Ledger stores more than 15% of the world’s total crypto-assets. Its Ledger Nano brand has achieved phenomenal success and has sold more than 4 million units of hardware wallets worldwide.