Kryll Crypto Price Prediction: Why Kryll will likely Drop to the $0.607 Level

Kryll’s Crypto price is on a second consecutive losing day. Today’s drop in price has also ensured that the gains made on Wednesday have been wiped out. However, the volatility of Kryll crypto has been very low, which has seen it lose less than a percentage point of its value.

What you should know about Kryll Crypto Prices

On March 24th, I wrote an article highlighting why the prices of Kryll were likely to drop. Fast forward to today’s trading session, the markets have behaved almost the same as I expected. this is because the prices had just set a new 2022 price high of $1.94.The prices had also increased by more than 180 per cent the previous day, after weeks of sideways markets.

Today, we can now look at the markets with a fuller picture than the March 24th analysis. The daily chart below shows that the prices are in a bearish trend and are not likely to retrace back and continue with a bullish move. The chart also shows that the bearish move is likely to continue based on the current the last few days’.

Kryll Crypto Price Prediction

Using the daily chart below, the price of Kryll is likely to continue dropping until it hits the $0.607 support level. This lean on the bearish move and the cryptocurrency hitting the $0.0607 support level has not changed since my last analysis.

However, signs are beginning to emerge that indicate that the bearish move is weakening. This is confirmed by the Williams Alligator lines, which are now clamping together, a sign of reduced volatility and momentum in the market. The Williams Alligator is also showing signs of a reversal in the offing. Therefore, there is also a possibility that my analysis will be invalidated, and the prices reverse to the upside.

Kryll Crypto Daily Chart