Kryll Crypto Price Prediction: What Next after the Big Kryll Surge?

Kryll Crypto price has surged in the past 48 hours, resulting in a gain of more than 80 per cent in the last 48 hours. The surge has been majorly contributed by the gain in traction from traders who pushed the cryptocurrency to a 2,300 per cent increase in volume traded in yesterday’s trading session.

The surge comes after the company announced that it would be attending two of the most popular events in the blockchain space. They indicated that they would be attending the pairs Blockchain Week Summit and the Binance Blockchain Week 2022.

Kryll Crypto Price Prediction

Yesterday’s trading session can offer insight into Kryll’s crypto price prediction.This is after Kryll price rose by more than 180 per cent during the trading session. Before the price surge, the cryptocurrency prices had remained relatively stable, and in most of that time had traded in a sideways market.

However, that is not the only thing that happened in yesterday’s trading session. When looking at the volume traded during the session, it is clear that many people came in to trade the cryptocurrency, resulting in a sharp increase in the volume traded. In fact, the total volume traded rose by more than 2,300 per cent at some point during yesterday’s trading session.

In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has also recorded a 780 per cent increase in trade volume. The currency market capitalization has also risen by more than 43 per cent, an indication of the gain in traction the cryptocurrency has undergone for the past 24 hours.

Looking at the Kryll daily chart below and the current prices, we are able to see the prices are correcting. In today’s trading session, Kryll has lost 15 per cent of its value. According to the chart, it is also possible that the correction will continue, and the prices are likely to come down even further. My Kryll crypto price prediction, therefore, expects the price to trade at around $0.60 in the coming days. This is the price the cryptocurrency was trading at before the big surge.

Kryll Daily Chart