Holochain Price Prediction: Why the Hot Chain is Surging

Holochain price has experienced a bull run that has resulted in a 72 per cent increase in price in the last few weeks. Today, the cryptocurrency has already gained over four per cent in the market, and signs are there that the bull run is likely to continue.

Why is Holochain Gaining in the market?

Holochain promises to make decentralized computing easy and real. The technology behind the network provides a cryptographic fabric to maintain data integrity across unlimited peers without requiring consensus. This includes features like no proof of work, no proof-of-stake, and the transactions are immediate with efficient processing. The platform is also optimized to save energy and prevent bottlenecks and global delays.

Users of the platform can also enjoy a fast and efficient network, which can run 50 nodes on a cellphone. When it comes to crypto-accounting, the platform offer scalability that enables the building of new generations of asset-backed and value-stable cryptocurrencies.

Much of the recent cryptocurrency traction has also come because of its functionalities, like allowing users to own their data, control their identity, and have their data backups readily available. The platform also has a customized user experience, where they can choose how to connect to the applications.

Users also have the freedom to decide on their private information. Transactions also do not have to rely on decentralized financial institutions. All these factors can explain the recent spike in the price of Holochain.

Holochain Price Prediction

The Williams Alligator shows that the Holochain price reversal started on March 15 and was fully confirmed on March 24. This reversal has seen Holochain prices rise by 72 per cent. Today’s trading session has also seen cryptocurrency prices rising by more than four per cent, a value that is likely to continue throughout the day.

Looking at the daily chart below, the prices are also bouncing from a support level of $0.0037. With Holochain’s current volatility and momentum, my price prediction expects the prices to trade at the $0.0088 resistance level in the coming days.

Holochain Daily Chart