Heroes of Mavia Brings Tribe Gaming to Its Metaverse

MMOG metaverse game, Heroes of Mavia, has paired with mobile-centric Tribe Gaming in a move that brings the global esports leader to the Mavia universe. Specifically, the move will see Tribe own Legendary plots on the Mavia’s island. Importantly, the development signifies the growing attraction of blockchain-based gaming and Skrice Studio’s determination to integrate esports into blockchain P2E. Skrice Studios is the parent company of Heroes of Mavia.

Notably, Tribe has established an enviable reputation as a global leader in esports gaming. For instance, it boasts of over 100 million monthly views on YouTube. Additionally, its Call of Duty -Mobile game won a World Championship title in 2021.

Why is it a big deal?

Following its acquisition of high-end plots on Mavia’s fantasy island, Tribe will establish a strong presence in one of the world’s most popular P2E games. Also, Tribe will be branding its space on the Heroes of Mavia space, which is great for marketing. Furthermore, it will receive customized in-game skins.

Because to their prime placement on the Mavia map, their elegant architecture, and their high luck factor in clearing obstacles, Legendary plots are the most desirable plots on the island.

The venture represents great marketing, but it also creates a potential revenue source. First, Tribe could lease the plots at a fee to gamers. Secondly, they could sell them at the Mavia NFT marketplace. Alternatively, they could build bases and use them as launchpads for attacks against other bases. Also, they could team up with other bases to establish stronger offensive forces. 

Yvan Feusi, an Executive Producer at Skrice Studios, was ecstatic about working with Tribe. He lauded their creative and design team and stated that the partnership would also help Mavia grow bigger.

“At Tribe, we’ve been carefully examining the right P2E project to integrate Tribe IP inside of, and collaborating with Mavia is an exciting opportunity,” said Patrick Carney, Founder and CEO at Tribe Gaming.

About Tribe Gaming

Tribe Gaming is a professional mobile gaming and esports organization known for some of the most popular games. It has built a strong user base of almost 29 million. The company’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas. Some of its popular games include Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Call of Duty: Mobile. Mobile gaming superstar Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney is the brains behind the organization. He founded the company in 2017,  driven by his passion for gaming and desire to see it grow bigger.

About Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a Massively Multi-Player Online Game (MMOG) created by Skrice Studios and operating on blockchain. It uses a play-to-earn model, with the MAVIA token being the currency for purchasing NFTs on the MAVIA NFT marketplace. The game’s NFTs consist of Heroes, Lands, and Statues.

The game is based on a fictional Mavia Island, where players use the island’s resources to build bases. The strategy is to build strong bases, attack and conquer enemy territory. Players must own plots, which they use to set up their bases. The plots/ lands are NFTs, which players can obtain by purchasing, renting, or teaming up with the landowners.