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Generative Art Platform Highlight Goes Live on Ethereum

Highlight, a generative NFT art platform, is now available on the Ethereum network. The launch on Ethereum is an important step towards the platform’s ultimate goal of becoming a unified hub for the production of generative NFT art. Users and sellers alike will not have to pay anything to participate in the Highlight marketplace.

An artist-led, user-friendly generative art platform

During the development of the platform, the Highlight team integrated direct input from a number of well-known artists on what features they would like to see included in a specialised generative art platform. Several artists have asked for fewer limits on the kinds of code that can be used in generative art. In response, Highlight added support for a wide variety of material types that have yet to become standard fare in the realm of generative art, including video and image files.

Since its establishment, Highlight has raised $11 million in funding has and the company’s stated goal is to create the most accessible and inclusive platform for on-chain generative art. Currently, users are able to create digital works of art, test them, and then mint them as NFTs on this platform. In addition, it has done away with creator fees in exchange for a nominal price paid by buyers, allowing artists to keep the whole amount of revenue from a sale.

The ultimate form of a generative artwork is determined by a random number generator at the moment of minting, unlike traditional works of art. Using Highlight, users may generate artwork on the blockchain with customizable data inputs, curated outputs, robust testing and preview capabilities, a draft mode, and access to whatever assets or libraries they choose.

Highlight will support Ethereum’s mainnet as well as other scaling networks that allow for cheaper transactions, such as Polygon, Arbitrum, OP Mainnet (or Optimism), and Zora Network. Artists can interact with both existing and potential collectors by making use of features such as seamless allowlists, robust rule-based token gating, special reward mechanics, and much more.