Revamps Its Market Maker System has announced improvements to its VIP and Market Maker (MM) tiered incentive program. Aiming after industry rivals, the global exchange has raised the bar on its VIP and MM tiers and reduced fees. High-volume traders and institutional investors will also benefit from the new platform’s flexibility and incentives.

What is offering institutional and retail clients

The revamped Market Maker Program attempts to deliver the best incentives for retail and institutional investors. If you are a market maker in the Market Maker tiers, you can now get maker rates as low as 0.013% in the VIP tiers 10 and upwards. Maker fees for institutional investors can be as low as -0.012%, which is a significant improvement over the current 0% fee. There are also lower fees for taking futures positions. fosters its relationship with its institutional customers through Gate Institutional, a division that provides institutional investor services. A number of advantages are available to these clients. Examples include high-frequency and low-latency server hosting, VIP and MM tier system discounts, leverage up to 100x, and secure access to funding and loans.

Also, investors can now benefit from lower spot market maker fees, thanks to the Market Maker upgrade. It’s as low as -0.012%, whereas the futures market costs are -0.015%. A matching VIP and MM level will now be assigned to each new market maker. Also, they will automatically inherit the taker fee rate from their appropriate VIP level.

Previously, all users who achieved VIP status through trading volume had to hold a specific amount of GT tokens. However, has now removed this requirement. The exchange will, henceforth, only measure the users’ total trading volume over the previous thirty days. is currently running a Market Maker competition, with $2 million up for grabs. Furthermore, investors moving from other exchanges get an immediate tier upgrade if they provide proof of volume.