Exchange to List Rare Mirror World NFTs

The cryptocurrency exchange has announced that it will list Mirror World NFTs on its NFT marketplace. On June 1st, 2022, the listing will go on sale for $50 per unit for a total of 528 units. The Mirrors are AI-powered virtual creatures that battle alongside the players in the gaming world. You get to play in a virtual world, but you also get to reap the benefits of real-life success. It is currently possible to buy and sell all 11,000 Generation Assets Mirrors.

In the realm of NFTs, Mirror is the first smart NFT, with each Mirror having its own distinct traits, exclusive attributes, and ranks. Some examples of existing game designs are Mirrama, an ARPG that incorporates Roguelike gameplay; Brawl of Mirror, an arena duelling game; and the Beacon, an SLG-based game. AI-driven Soul makes Mirror NFTs dynamic and interactive, allowing holders to participate in the entire game ecosystem.

Vida, Xeon, and Nova are the three factions in the Mirror Gen2 NFT collection. Within each faction, players can also produce four different rarities of Mirror, ranging from the common to the legendary to the mythical: rare, elite, legendary, and mythical. Additionally, owners are able to utilize these assets in the Mirror World Matrix. is eager to contribute to the growth of the Blockchain’s GameFi and NFT communities as NFT Box continues to flourish and achieve overall success. With the Mirror NFT integration, wants to show its unwavering commitment. At the moment, has over 10 million users all around the world and offers a diverse selection of tradable assets.