Gaming Platform, Alpharand Launches GameFi and Metaverse On Avalanche

Gaming startup, Alpharand (ARD) just released their Gamefi and Metaverse protocol on the Avalanche ecosystem. The protocol has a P2E feature, which enables players to earn tokens at any point of winning. It also enables users to exchange properties bought on the Metaverse with ARD tokens. Therefore, users can sell them on any chain in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Alpharand is keen on leveraging the opportunities that have emerged in Web3 through GameFi and the metaverse. Alpharand’s virtual gaming system makes it easy for gamers to transition from the web 2 type of gaming to the modern gaming structure while also allowing them to generate money. However, gamers aren’t the only ones who can gain from this opportunity. Non-gamers can purchase metaverse real estate with ARD tokens because of the tokens’ utility. Additionally, the Avalanche ecosystem allows them to exchange tokens with other networks.

There are four ways to get the Alpharand token. Pre-sale ARD tokens are available for $0.04. Afterwards, a $0.2 public sale will take place on a DEX. Also, over the first five quarters of token distribution, token holders can expect airdrops and whitelisting of more than 12% of the token. This is designed to facilitate the token’s circulation and make it available to many interested users. Also, you can purchase the token with NFTs or other coins and tokens that sell as trading pairs with it on exchange platforms.

About Alpharand

Alpharand is a Canadian startup that specializes in token-powered GameFi and metaverse investing. With Alpharand, gaming enthusiasts and non-gamers alike can enjoy the experience thanks to the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Alpharand has struck deals with high-profile companies such as Gameloft, Coin Payments, and Zero. As a result, it should be simple to include the ARD token in a variety of gaming systems.