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GAM3 Awards: Polkastarter Reveals Gaming Awards Nominees

The GAM3 Awards 2022 has announced the list of nominated Web3 games. The first-ever GAM3 Awards will be presented by Polkastarter Gaming on December 15, 2022, and will honour achievements in a total of 16 categories. The GAM3 Awards received great support during the nomination phase, with both games and judges applauding the awards’ proactive effort to inspire the continued development of web3 games.

The first-ever GAM3 Awards 2022 will celebrate excellence in web3 gaming. Polkastarter Gaming is the host of this event. In the first round of voting, the jurors were presented with 106 unique games over 13 categories. Thereafter, they then selected their top 5 in each. Ultimately, 32 games qualified as finalists, each of which exemplifies the highest standards in web3 gaming.

The first batch of 106 games spans 13 networks, with the top three being Polygon, BNB Chain, and Solana. The final 32 nominations continue the trend of web3 games distribution taking place across multiple platforms and chains.

The GAM3 Awards categories

The evaluation of the games will be based on a variety of factors. The key factors include the core loop, quality of graphics, accessibility, replayability factor, fun elements, and the overall gameplay experience. Except for the Most Anticipated Game award, all of the others require a fully playable and currently available version of the game to qualify.

The Games’ Choice Award is the most precise interpretation of the term “game recognizes game.” This is the category of the GAM3 Awards where games vote for their favourite web3 game that isn’t themselves. As a symbol of appreciation, it also demonstrates that the games in the category engage in a healthy rivalry that benefits the web3 gaming sector as a whole.

As the only GAM3 Award for games whose voting is solely by fan votes, the People’s Choice Award has launched a movement across all platforms and genres of gaming. Voting in this category opened to the public on November 16th.

Web 3 game developers can submit their works to the Best Content Creator category. Many people from many different cultures and locations have contributed to the world of web3 gaming. In light of this, the organizers have decided to make the Best Content Creator award a fully fan-driven process.

Other categories include Game of the Year, Best Esports Game, Most Anticipated Game, Best Action Game, Best Graphics, Best Mobile Game, Best Adventure Game, Best RPG, Best Shooter Game, Best Casual Game, Best Strategy Game, Best Multiplayer Game and Best Card Game.