Galaxy Heroes Launches Own NFT Marketplace, Slashes Listing Costs

Galaxy Heroes has launched its NFTs marketplace. The marketplace will operate on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is freely accessible to creators and projects that wish to mint cheaply and sell NFTs conveniently.

Less than a week after the launch, the NFT marketplace continues to gain traction, drawing even more users. There are currently over 100 Heroes from the collection auctioning from between 1 and 100 BNB. Moreover, Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) marketplace has almost 350 epic heroes and villains.

The platform promises to be a success if the early response by the market is anything to go by. The second GHC collection of villains was released, selling out the 2500 mint collection in less than an hour.

The marketplace builds on Galaxy Heroes’ user-centric approach explaining the high interest. However, one significant development in the GHC NFT marketplace is the decision to reduce the listing cost. Crucially, they slashed the listing cost by 10X from 0.1 BNB to 0.01 BNB.

The marketplace launch also saw vital improvements being made to enhance user experience. For instance, users can quickly navigate and immediately view the items’ aesthetics and distinguishing attributes without moving between lists leading to a smooth user experience.

How will users benefit?

Notably, holders of the GHC Collection and Superheroes NFTs can stake their acquisition to earn passive BNB income. They will receive rewards from the NFT marketplace’s listing and transaction fees. The rarer the NFT, the higher the rewards they will earn. Therefore, those who stake rare GHC NFTs will rake in more rewards.

About Galaxy Heroes

Galaxy Heroes is a utility-centric project including farm staking, NFT, NFT marketplace, play-to-earn, GameFi and soon, a Metaverse. Its eponymous game is a superhero-based gaming and NFT protocol which is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The native token, Galaxy Heroes Coin ($GHC), is community-driven. GHC uses BSC to ensure that its users incur low gas fees.

The platform has also completed the development of its Ethereum bridge and is working on Cardano and Solana bridges. The completion of the bridges will enhance scalability and compatibility. The success of the NFTs marketplace stands to benefit the GHC coin. The coin is already listed in over 25 exchanges. At the time of writing, GHC’s market capitalization was about $39 million, according to CoinMarketCap.