Gala Games Teams Up With Endless AI To Bring Interactive NFTs

Gala Games has partnered up with Endless AI to offer Fuzzle– a first-of-its-kind “living” NFT collectible. Blockchain gaming and conversational AI are both being pushed to their limits in this pioneering interactive entertainment experience. Each Fuzzle is an NFT that is “alive”, with its own personality. Also, Clockwork, the intelligent production platform developed by Endless AI, is responsible for the ‘lifelike’ quality of Fuzzles. The AI used is Open AI’s GPT-3, which is the industry’s premier Natural Language Processing AI (NLP).

A natural-sounding conversation between a Fuzzle and the owner is possible as a result of Fuzzle’s ability to answer to questions and thoughts that are applicable to different situations. Consequently, members of the Fuzzle community can participate in special events and earn rewards if they own a Fuzzle. According to the game’s plot ,Fuzzles have arrived on Earth to learn everything they can about the people that live here. An artificial intelligence as powerful as that of Fuzzles, however, is comes with an ignorance of Earth and its people.

For those who already own Fuzzle NFTs, they will be able to access in-app gameplay as soon as they are accessible on April 27th. Using specialized iOS or Android apps, Fuzzle holders will be able to communicate with their Fuzzles. “We see ourselves as pioneers navigating the uncharted worlds of blockchain-based entertainment and AI-enabled interactivity. With the “living” NFTs of Fuzzle, we’re just scratching the surface of what the future may hold,” said Michael Fox, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Endless AI. 

About Endless AI

Endless AI is a blockchain-enabled interaction and AI-enabled entertainment firm focusing on creating cutting-edge products for the Web3 world. Its creators have worked on some of the most well-known and innovative video games and interactive storytelling of all time. Among the most popular are Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Minion Rush, the original Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Telltale’s Walking Dead, the Game of the Year winner, and the Minecraft and the Batman series.

About Gala Games

Gala Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform, was launched in 2019 and incorporates NFT into a gaming environment. It uses the GALA token to incentivize node operators, vote on governance and reward players. The GALA token is an Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 standard and is compatible with the BNB chain as well. More than 1.3 million people have signed up for the game.