Gala Film: Gala’s “Watch and Earn” Platform

Gala, a pioneer in the blockchain entertainment and music industries, has just released Gala Film. The main advantage of Gala Film is that it uses the same blockchain technology as Gala Music and Gala Games, allowing users to “Watch and Earn” by watching movies and TV shows. With nodes and NFTs, this allows supporters to gain advantages in the game. At launch, GALA tokens will be used exclusively for purchases on the film platform.

What makes Gala Film different?

Through a more personal relationship with their fans, filmmakers and artists alike may reclaim their artistic freedom with Gala Film. They can also reach the audiences they want to reach with their content. In addition, audiences can now have a say in the media they watch. Through digital ownership, they can make decisions about the content they consume. Consequently, they can help shape the future of the entertainment industry by influencing the content and the people behind it.

Gala has already established itself as a go-to destination for music and gaming enthusiasts. It can now provide an interoperable ecosystem where film fans can reap the rewards of crossover content. Because of how the system is set up, fans can become involved in groundbreaking ways, gain access to exclusive content, support artists, and reap financial benefits.

Sarah Buxton, COO of Gala, said: “The launch of Gala Film marks the beginning of a new era in Web3 entertainment, led by Gala.” 

In the future, Gala Film plans to collaborate with Ai&Aiko to bring Peter Draw’s captivating graphic novels to life. In addition, Gala Music will distribute “Making the Chronic,” which is a set of 16 short videos in which Snoop Dogg provides voiceover for each song on his album. The successful adoption of Gala Film could potentially help promote upward price action by GALA token.