GALA Crypto Price Prediction: Is Gala Games About To Explode?

Our GALA crypto price prediction might flip bullish once again if the ongoing breakout gets confirmed. GALA Games has been one of the most hyped gaming ecosystems of 2021. The top gaming cryptocurrency has generated massive returns for early investors. However, the recent downtrend has inflicted a lot of pain on the late investors as the coin is trading 90% below its ATH.

Recession fears and the recent Bitcoin crash have further intensified the selling pressure. At the time of writing, GALA crypto price is trading at $0.075 after tagging the lows of $0.049 in May 2022. Nevertheless, the price is showing some signs of strength by breaking out of the downwards trendline. A confirmation of this breakout might trigger a significant bullish move. 

According to GALA Games news today, hero packs for The Walking Dead: Empires are about to launch. These heroes will provide support against the hordes of walkers and the ruthless factions. The Walking Dead is one of the many games that are about to launch on Gala Games. While most of the games are in development, some games like Town Star and Spider Tanks are already live on the platform. 

GALA Crypto Price Prediction 

Technical analysis of the GALA price chart shows a breakout of the downwards trendline. Although there is very little volume to back this move still a successful retest may push the price upwards. Such a bullish move could potentially realize a GALA crypto price prediction of $0.142. This level also aligns with the 0.383 Fib retracement level when connecting March highs to the May lows. This would be more than a 90% increase from its current price. 

It is also significant to note here, that the whole crypto market is in a slump due to the sudden crash of Bitcoin. The recent crash has shaken investor confidence in risky assets like cryptocurrencies. As long as the Bitcoin stays below $35,000, altcoins like GALA Games are likely to stay in a downtrend. However, it is quite possible that such coins outpace Bitcoin in the upcoming relief rally.

GALA USD Daily Price Chart

GALA Crypto Daily Price Chart