Gains Network Adds Chatbox Feature to Support Community Interaction

DeFi and leveraged trading platform, Gains Network, has added a chatbox feature to enhance interaction amongst its user community. The chatbox will enable traders to share ideas experiences and even talk about their successful and unsuccessful trades.

By coming up with the chatbox, Gains Network is evidently keen on providing a platform that bridges the gap between the platform and its users. Additionally, it could serve as an open forum where traders can learn from each other. Notably, many leveraged trading platforms don’t have a chatbox feature.

In the absence of an interactive platform, the network’s users have been detached from each other. That certainly denied the Gains Network a “community feel”, which is essential for such a fast-growing company.

We think it is a fun tool for traders to share ideas, brag about wins and rage about liquidation.”

Sébastien, founder


While interacting on the chatbox, traders can choose to remain anonymous or connect their wallets. This will give them greater freedom, privacy and confidence in their interactions. However, the chatbox has a moderator who will remove spammy or disrespectful comments.

Gains Network has introduced a chatbox at a time when it plans to introduce new features and trading functionalities. According to Gains Network founder and CEO, Sébastien, the platform is on course to list major stock market indices commodities and add a guaranteed stop loss feature.

About Gains Network

Gains network is best known as the creator of the decentralized leveraged trading platform, gTrade. It operates on the Polygon blockchain. Therefore this enhances the transaction speeds and lowers transaction costs for Ethereum-compatible blockchains and DeFi apps. The network has a native token, known as GNS token.

Gains Network’s fast growth is attributable to its competitive business model, which offers traders great incentives. For instance, the network currently offers the highest leverage on crypto trading, going as high as 150X. Additionally, it supports forex trading, which is rare or a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Also, the company does not charge any trading fee, thanks to its real-time synthetic trading system backed by an overcollateralized DNS-DAO pool.

The Gains Network also has a Decentralized Oracle Network built on Chainlink, which provides real-time median price feed for 43 cryptos and 43 forex pairs. This ensures that traders using the platform are in sync with spot market price data at all times. Furthermore, the network supports stop loss orders, limit orders, take profit and other market orders.