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Flipside Crypto Launches ShroomDK, An NFT-Based SDK

As part of its expansion and analytics strategy, Flipside Crypto has introduced ShroomDK, an NFT-based Software Data Kit (SDK). Programmes can run queries against the most complete blockchain data available with ShroomDK. A SaaS-inspired NFT-enabled SDK adds additional Web3 advantages of not only community, but flexibility for future use. For example, you may be able to upgrade to new toolkits, power-ups, or even the option to sell parts of your access when you decide it’s no longer the right match.

ShroomDK release follows Flipside’s recent $50 million Series A fundraising round. True Ventures, Galaxy Digital Ventures, Dapper Labs, and 14 other venture capital companies participated in the round, led by Republic Capital.

How Flipside Crypto’s ShroomDK works

The ShroomDK NFTs provide developers with the ability to programmatically query data on hundreds of blockchains, including access to Ethereum’s past states. Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain are also supported, as well as Layer 2 EVMs like Arbitrum and Optimism. In addition, Flipside L1 partners such as Solana, NEAR, FLOW, Thorchain, and Algorand have multi-chain access.

Minting a new NFT will result in the creation of an API Key for the user. There is no charge, however there is a daily cap on the amount of NFTs that can be created. They can utilize the data to develop their own dashboards, conduct ad-hoc analytics in their preferred environments, and so on. As a result, they have the ability to create goods, standards and entire businesses. Upgrades to the functionality of NFTs are possible through the use of spores. In addition to this, holders of NFTs will have unique access to a variety of private communities, events, and solutions.

Financing Flipside Crypto’s expansion, product roadmaps, and bounty programs for L1 and L2 blockchains, as well as increasing the number of people working for the company. It provides on-demand analytics for blockchains, boosting ecosystem growth and retention. There are almost 60,000 analysts on the site who participate in structured bounty programs where they learn, collaborate and compete to solve analytical issues. All of this takes place on a platform that is free and open to the public.