ETH at Fresh Weekly Top, Cryptos Rally Across the Board

ETH continues higher after a strong weekend that drove price 270 The bullish momentum that started the previous week is driving the cryptocurrency after ETH broke above the 254 mark on high volumes. The second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization managed to recover from the low at 225 on June 9th and breached the 50 and 100 hour moving averages giving the bulls the upper hand for the short term. Immediate resistance for the Ethereum now stands at 288 the yearly high. On the downside first support stands at 256 the 20 day moving average, followed by the recent low at 227 and the 50 day moving average.

Ethereum market capitalization stands at 29.06 billion while Bitcoin trades at 9,289 with a market cap at 164 billion and Litecoin trades at 136 with a market cap at 8.5 billion. The 100 biggest cryptocurrencies market capitalization jumped above 288.3 billion.