EMURGO Ventures Teams Up With Partasia Blockchain To Bring Privacy To Cardano dApps

EMURGO Ventures, the investment subsidiary of EMURGO Ptd. Ltd, the commercial arm and a founding member of Cardano’s blockchain network, announced today that it has partnered with the Layer 1 public blockchain protocol Partisia Blockchain. Notably, the partnership allows Cardano dApps developers and its users to leverage the benefits of Zero-Knowledge and Multi-Party Computation. Therefore, this will allow Cardano’s decentralized privacy features to be enhanced by exchanging resources on-chain.

Using Partisia’s development team, Cardano developers will be able to use their dApps with customized smart contracts. Also, the smart contracts will continue to employ Cardano ADA or Cardano-based tokens. Partisia plans to release the first complete version of its smart contract programming language for privacy-preserving ZK and MPC computations by the middle of the year.

“Cardano ecosystem is one of the biggest in the industry, and we look forward to providing as much value as possible to the developers,” said Partisia Blockchain Co-Founder Brian Gallagher. On the other hand, EMURGO founder and CEO Ken Kodama expressed his delight at the partnership, stating that privacy was crucial to the development of the Cardano ecosystem.

The increasing adoption of blockchain technology has made privacy a major concern. New standards operating on zero-knowledge platforms will be key to ensuring that you can interact with anyone from anywhere at any time without revealing your sensitive data.


As a founding member of the Cardano network, EMURGO is its commercial arm. It helps organizations address some of the most complex issues with socially impactful solutions. To further its global clientele, it utilizes its capabilities for large-scale blockchain development and rapid solution deployment.

About Emurgo Ventures

Emurgo Ventures is the investment arm of EMURGO Ptd. Ltd. It makes investments in several Cardano-focused startups as well as middleware solutions companies, among other things.

About Partisia Blockchain

Partisia Blockchain is a zero-knowledge computation-integrated Layer 1 blockchain protocol. Additionally, it is capable of supporting the regulatory compliance needs of both large and specialized blockchains. Speed, transparency, trust and privacy are at the heart of the Web 3 functions provided by this platform. In addition, the ecosystem uses Multi-Party Computation cryptography (MPC). Using this technique, it’s possible to profit from decentralization while still maintaining user privacy in collaborative projects.