Edenloop Announces Launch Of World’s First NFT Search Engine

Edenloop, the NFT Marketplace, has announced that they will build a blockchain-based ‘Block Loop,’ and conduct full-fledged operations as an NFT portal site. When Edenloop revamps its block loop search engine, it will likely have a significant impact on the industry.  With the revamp, users can look for NFTs in any chain using Blockloop. In addition, just the fixed transaction cost is required in the transactions, which has the benefit of lowering transaction fees.

Why Edenloop is keen on developing an NFT search engine

Search engines that are fast, thorough, and wide-ranging can help optimize NFT values as the sector grows. Currently, Edenloop is in talks with a number of search engine engineers on this topic. Because of this, many readjustments and changes are on the horizon for the industry as a direct result of Edenloop’s redesign of the block loop search engine.

Web 3.0-based “Blockloop” from Edenloop performs comparable services to Google Web Crawling. Using blockchain technology, it serves as a truly decentralized search engine for NFT marketplaces. Blockloop technology works by crawling the meta data of NFTs in the blockchain.

Blockloop searches randomly for NFT data from marketplaces using the Loop Tag function. The Edenloop platform then uses an algorithm to filter it. Thereafter, each database stores the same classifications for the same transaction values. As an added bonus, the platform uses SEO technology to improve and sustain the quality of its optimized platform traffic.

By interworking NFTs and creations, the Edenloop platform secures intellectual property rights (IPR). Additionally, the platform has the capability of self-providing security and income generation opportunities. With these capabilities, it is able to the provide preferential services to users in order to secure diversity. Also, the Edenloop token ELT or EELT will continue to provide NFT traders with excellent advantages of obtaining transaction rewards.