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DOGEVERSE Price Prediction: Is It Worth the Hype?

The year 2024 is proving to be the year of meme coins, and DOGEVERSE is one of the most anticipated meme tokens. The project has undergone an audit by Coinsult and received a clean bill of health, ensuring that it is not a scam project with features like a honey pot or mint function. A security concern that was identified during the audit has since been addressed.

Why the hype?

One of DOGEVERSE’s core strength is its interoperability with multiple chains Ethereum, Base, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana and BNB Chain, which sets it apart from other meme tokens. This means that it is not limited by any issues that may come up in any single chain at any given time, creating a bigger room for utility and scalability.

Staking is the other key reason why DOGEVERSE is a hot buy. Currently, the yield stands at 62 percent per year, which is higher than the returns on many assets out there. After the presale, DOGEVERSE will issue instructions on how to claim your tokens using the wallet you used to buy them.

DOGEVERSE has built a sizable following of more than 20k on X and its Telegram channel has more than 12k subscribers

DOGEVERSE Price Prediction

The project has attracted wide support, with over $15 million raised since April. The token is currently available at a presale price of $0.00031, and talk is rife that the price could rise more than 100X once it lists

However, DOGEVERSE needs to list when the crypto market still has the upward momentum in the post-halving era, to stand a good chance of rising optimally. A listing in the midst of a market downturn could potentially see it suffer collateral damage caused by cross-cutting bearish market sentiment.

That said, meme coins have shown in recent days that they are capable of going against the grain. For instance, PEPE, BOME, BONK and WIF rose substantially during the April-mid May market downturn, as their communities turned a deaf ear to the prevailing sentiment.  Furthermore, DOGEVERSE’s innovative multi-chain strategy is, in a way, a diversification strategy that ensures that a downturn in a particular blockchain ecosystem does not affect it adversely.