Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) To Launch NFT Marketplace on BNB Chain

GameFi company Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has announced that it will launch its NFT marketplace on BNB chain. The marketplace “PlayMining NFT Premier” will launch on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. (UTC+8). Artists such as Kazushi Ogiwara, most known for his manga “BASTARD! The Dark God of Destruction,” and Etsushi Ogawa, best known for his manga “Chuka Ichiban!” will be included in “PlayMining NFT Premier,” a showcase of one-of-a-kind art NFTs.

Also, DEA’s media-mix project from “WORLD FLAGS” called “National Flags x Samurai” will use the motion collectable NFT to explain the history and culture of countries all around the world. The media attention that this collection has received worldwide has been tremendous.

DEA is on a mission to get the most out of the NFT market, and the BNB chain launch is just the start. It is on an extended mission to popularize its NFT offerings across many platforms. While DEA has its own blockchain, the decision to launch an NFT marketplace on the BNB chain was informed by the need to leverage Binance’s large user base. Consequently, that will expose DEA’s NFTs to a larger market.

Customers who purchase or bid on NFTs at “PlayMining NFT Premier” will receive exclusive NFTs. Buyers can get their NFTs from the site by using their MetaMask wallets and purchasing with the BEP-20 standard DEP.

About DEA

Founded in 2018, Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) Pte Ltd is a gaming company specializing in the development of blockchain-based digital arts. It has carved a niche through its “PlayMining” approach to P2E, which is a hit with gaming communities. Additionally, the DEA owns the “JobTribes” P2E NFT Card Battle Game as well as the “PlayMining NFT” NFT marketplace. As part of the company’s vision for the future, it aims to use blockchain technology to promote a world where people may make money while having fun. The game’s native token, DEAPCoin (DEP), powers its in-game ecosystem and economy.