DeFi Land Introduces P2E Version of the Multi Chain

DeFi Land, the agriculture simulation web game built on the Solana blockchain, has announced the launch of a new breed of Play-and-Earn game. Players will have the opportunity to acquire the native $DFL token as a prize, in addition to a new in-game currency called $GOLDY, when the game becomes live on the 17th of May at 8:00 PM UTC. Consequently, with the new version of the game, you can actually play to win, which wasn’t possible in the old one.

In spite of the lack of monetary incentives, the first iteration of DeFi Land received great support from the blockchain gaming community. With over 7,500 daily active players, it became one of the most popular farm management games on the market. Additionally, DeFi Land now has over 25,000 monthly active users. Therefore, the combination of these variables has made DeFi Land the third-largest game by market capitalization, and it continues to be the first gamification project on Solana.

A lot of excitement is building up as the team prepares to debut the first ever Play and Earn game mechanics. There are a variety of recreational activities that players can partake in the ecosystem. $DFL token-based P2E allows players to upgrade NFTs in-game. Notably, the game’s NFT collection sold out in about sixteen seconds on the day it launched, raising 1.75 million dollars. Elsewhere, the pricing floor for OpenSea and Magic Eden has recently increased by a 2.5x factor. Alternatively, you can personalize, craft, repair, and socialize with others.

The ability to play for free

As a way of making the game more widely available, DeFi Land features a free player mode. It’s a free game with a ton of perks for those that play it. To participate in monthly prizes such as DFL, GOLDY, and in-game NFTs, users must first earn XP and move up the leaderboards in the free mode. With the great support for playing without any incentives, DeFi Land’s long-term viability can be confirmed by its free-to-play model.