In Two-Year Support For Penn. University’s Crypto Lab

The University of Pennsylvania’s new Crypto Research Laboratory Fund has received a two-year grant from, a fast-growing worldwide crypto trading site. Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science will benefit from the research grant. Research Assistant Professor Brett Hemenway Falk, a Computer and Information Science professor, will lead the team of researchers.

It will be used to fund research on cryptography and coding. Theses will help tackle real-world issues like privacy, security, and decentralization of blockchains. The research will focus on digital privacy and security, as well as promoting transparency and trust. Also,  real-world applications will take precedence over theoretical advances in the field of mathematics and computer science.

This is not the first time that has donated to academic programs. The Secure Blockchain Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University and the Blockchain Association of Singapore received comparable financial funding in 2021. Also, it is not an accident that Professor Hemenway Falk is leading the project. He frequently works in collaboration with many stakeholders from the outside world to identify issues facing society and the solutions that computer science can help address.  His new relationship with aims to expand these initiatives.

“The focus of the University of Pennsylvania’s crypto lab will be immensely helpful for wider, real-life blockchain applications while also investigating novel techniques to increase privacy and security capabilities,” said Eric Anziani, Chief Operating Officer at

As a fast-growing digital assets marketplace, places an emphasis on research and development. Its Research and Insight team employs experienced academic researchers . The team publishes open-access studies every month on a variety of crypto-related issues, from market size to security analyses. As part of its objectives, it aims to educate members of the crypto community worldwide.