CleanSpark Acquires Washington BTC Mining Facility

CleanSpark, Inc. America’s Bitcoin Miner™, has just completed the acquisition of a Bitcoin mining facility in Washington, Georgia. When the site’s 86MW of primarily carbon-free power is completely operational in 2023, it will increase the company’s hashrate by 2.6 EH/s. In addition, CleanSpark plans to hire around 20 new people as part of the facility expansion, with the vast majority coming from the state of Washington and the immediate surrounding area.

CleanSpark’s “green” mining and going against the market tide

CleanSpark has two additional campuses in Georgia, one in College Park and the other in Norcross. The Washington location is the company’s third campus in Georgia. CleanSpark is a company that invests in low-carbon energy sources like wind, solar, nuclear, and hydropower in order to provide sustainable infrastructure for mining Bitcoin. It views this as an important instrument for achieving both financial independence and inclusion.

On September 8, the corporation will hold a public open house at the new location and invite the press, civic officials, and interested members of the public. In the following weeks, the company will release more information. The company has cut a niche because of its emphasis on sustainability in its mining activities. This will likely attract many climate-conscious investors to the Nasdaq-listed company.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for CleanSpark and our shareholders and we are thrilled to be moving so quickly on the deployment of this site,” said Matt Schultz, executive chairman.

The global cryptocurrency market has been showing signs of recovery in recent weeks. BTC prices touched $25k momentarily, but the market seems to have resisted a break above that point. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has lost about 10% in 48 hours and is trading below $22k. This is a three-week low. Nonetheless, many crypto companies remain optimistic about a turnaround. This explains why some of them, like and CleanSpark are injecting cash into crypto projects despite the gloomy market.